RAP / Residencias de Arte Panal

RAP / Residencias de Arte Panal is an exchange program intended for artists, creators and curators who want to develop a specific project and enrich their creative and artistic resources by doing art residencies in Buenos Aires, other provinces in Argentina and other cities of the world.

We work with to different types of residency. By reciprocity, which consists in a bilateral agreement with another art space that shares the same colaborative spirit as RAP, in order to be able to send argentine artists to other cities of the world and to receive artists from all over the world in PANAL. On the other hand, there are unilateral/one-sided residencies, in which we send and receive artists individually. All residencies organized by RAP are specifically designed for each participant, the program is adapted to their needs and concerns. We propose residencies of production, development and insertion in the local environment.

RAP is born in 2013 and throughout the years our goals have become stronger, putting emphasis on the dialogue between artists, curators and cultural managers from different parts of the world, facilitating bonding between peers. Through the experience of the residency, we strive to enrich the creative and artistic processes of each participant by building bridges and networks to promote and enhance creativity, and to establish bonds of cooperation, not only between the participants of each residency, but also between the group of professionals who work behind each experience.

Our conviction is that cooperation and exchange can strengthen the creativity and artistic training of each participant.

Panal 361 - Formación
Panal 361 - Formación